Why Oklahoma City?

While Oklahoma (along with other states within the 'Bible belt'), has a reputation for being religious, there are still millions of people who have little to no connection to local congregations. The state has an estimated 2.1 million people who do not know Christ and 1.4 million who do not claim any religious affiliation. More specifically, in Oklahoma City (OKC), as few as 22% of people attend church.


OKC has fewer churches per person than it did in 1960 because the growth in the church has not kept pace with the surge in population growth. The city continues to attract new residents from across the nation because of a higher quality of life. OKC consistently receives high rankings in areas such as 'Best Place for First-time Home Buyers', to the 'Best Place to Start a Career'. While OKC is a great place to live, the city is filled with broken people who seek fulfillment, pleasure, success and their identity apart from God, the One who created them.


We see this city as a strategic area to reach people with the love of Christ. In order to reach more people in our community and the world, and to create an environment of disciples making disciples, we believe that planting new churches is key. New church planting is the only way that we can be sure we are going to increase the number of believers in a city. It is also a primary way to initiate new methods for reaching new people groups and to renew the whole body of Christ.

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How We Build Community

  • Creating a healthy, family environment with authentic relationships.
  • Bridging the gap and connecting people of all socioeconomic status and various beliefs, in order to establish a true sense of community within our cities.
  • Utilizing the resources that God has provided to edify, develop and pour into the local community.