Our Church is built on the Four Pillars of Belonging, Community Service, Developing People and Biblical Motivation.

We Welcome All

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs says that all people are looking for belonging. Belonging means:

  • Being known for yourself
  • Relating to others who share your joy and struggles
  • Being loved and accepted as you are
  • Fitting in and having a purpose

When we say that we welcome all, we want you to know that you belong here.

  • This is a place for you. Regardless of your age, ethnicity, race, culture, background, single, marital status, education, special needs, church experience or lack thereof, etc., you are welcome here.
  • Come as you are. We do not judge based on how you look, what you drive, how you speak, or what you wear. We want to get to know you.

We Serve the Community

Research shows that people desire to contribute substantially to society and make an impact. People in general, whether or not they care about the church, care about making an impact, a difference and contributing in substantial ways to society. We are committed to:

  • Partnering with local nonprofits and businesses.
  • Regularly serving forgotten communities.
  • Providing classes to strengthen life skills, relationships, and spiritual development.

We will create a space where local needs can be satisfied. This is a place where:

  • Anybody can sign up to do community service with us.
  • Anybody can make donations to help fuel a variety of community service initiatives.
  • We create a platform for people to do what they are passionate about.

We Develop People

Studies show what we all know. People desire to reach their full potential and to live in their purpose or walk in their calling. We will help develop and train people to reach their potential and equip them to walk in their purpose. The church will give them a platform to accomplish what they are born to do.  

  • We will provide a variety of classes, courses, trainings and development people need for growth.
  • We will offer support and education to the entire community.

We Are Motivated by Scripture

Our ministry and desire to build community is guided by Biblical teachings. Everything we do is based on our belief in the scriptures. The Bible instructs us to teach others and help them grow. Instruction is not limited to spiritual things, people need teaching in all areas of life to truly live their purpose.

If you give a person a fish. . . they eat for a day. . . but if you teach a person to fish. . . they eat for a lifetime.  We want to TEACH people to fish for themselves in all areas so that we are equipping them to feed themselves for a lifetime.

We hope that you feel welcome to come grow with us.